it has been hard lately. and it feels as though it is getting heavier still. but always the pen is light. and just as I have done before. i will write myself out of the darkness. breathe🍃 Featured Image: @ronyhernandes

-breaking apart

sometimes, it feels as though I’m melting spreading into lather-like substance losing firmness consistency breaking apart, slowly- irrevocably a withered fern losing its light other times, melting is like healing its the scabbing of old scars its taking me into surprising new forms its as though the fire of pain came to glue me to…

A Lament of the Growing Futility of our Rage

our anger has no ability to destabilise they have grown accustomed to our anger.   our anger is their profit deliberately deliberately they anger us the more we scream cry destroy ourselves the more they line their pockets  thicken and bulge with the acidity of our anger our anger is so profitable they now sell…

the unfeeling

I thought I was better ‘til I put my fingers to the fire saw them burn but did not feel a thing -numb   Featured Image: original art by Mamello Mosiana   Similar Posts: decay – vapour -energy

-the unsent letter

I hate when you say you love me or miss me I gave up on you after the countless times you pushed away my outstretched hands I cried away my love when you told me I was ugly when I sat in the scorching water of the bathtub hoping to burn away my skin shrink…