where my wild heart lies

and you will always find me seeking, pursuing, and wanting that beautiful place- where my wild heart lies free there are gentle echoes of debussy a warm breeze that cushions my feet and a bright sky that illuminates with such veracity I am unable to see past the light but I am not afraid I…


it has been hard lately. and it feels as though it is getting heavier still. but always the pen is light. and just as I have done before. i will write myself out of the darkness. breathešŸƒ Featured Image: @ronyhernandes

the ritual

i find peace in the small acts: lighting the incense the sage the candles this ritual -before the rituals of chanting and meditation- is the sweetest hypnotic release – another ode to self-care routines the first ode: the sweet solace of the moments we give to our selves Featured Image by @hellokalequeen


on removing oneself from disharmonious relationships and spaces. to learn gentleness once again