on removing oneself from disharmonious relationships and spaces. to learn gentleness once again

i trust myself

October 2016, At a ‘Healing Retreat’, one of the participants says: “I trust myself” and I burst into tears. Three simple words. I think about them everyday and sometimes like that day, I hurt. I have always had ‘trust issues’. You can’t trust anyone. Its a lesson I am taught through pain and at perhaps…

not tonight

sometimes when I see you smile i imagine that it is me you smile for i like to see the small crease on the left side of your lip and there my eyes often linger when you’re unaware i have dreamt of that fold of your honeyed skin sometimes I think you see me- seeing…

the heart’s letter

from my heart I wrote you this letter from this letter I wrote you my heart say you love me, love you and I are all tumescence scented roses echoing chambers the heartbeat of the violin in a mournful melody say you love me, love you and I are soaring birds reaching breathing and floating…

Choosing Single

an essay and some poetry on love, self-love and singlehood