The Afroist Blog is a poetry blog, featuring  prose and verse with the occasional essay. The major themes of the blog are related to blackness, mental health, queerness, love, friendship, and family.

I started writing this blog in the second year of my first Masters degree, in 2017. At the time, struggling with extreme writer’s block and the midst of my dissertation, I found myself fatigued at academic writing. I felt censored and distant from myself and I found myself, completely unable to write, unable to do the very thing that for years I had prided myself on having mastered.

So I started the Afroist, as a way to express not only that fatigue, but as a way to free myself. Free my writing. Undo the standards of colonial modernity. Over time, the writing on my blog has changed from essays, to prose, to verse and all three at once. This is me at my most free. Unfiltered. Ugly. Beautiful. Love and hate all at once.

Unwaveringly herself,

Mamello Mosiana