travelling solo- travelling to yourself

travelling alone makes you brave it gives you moments to discover innate parts of yourself that you might subconciously hide travelling alone, teaches you how to be your own companion how to enjoy stillness it teaches you to be still, even when afraid I have learnt so many beautiful lessons about myself on solo trips….


on removing oneself from disharmonious relationships and spaces. to learn gentleness once again


i imagine had i fallen i would want you to treat it as autumn as if I were leaf falling from a tree, nature running its course   do not gesticulate and fan yourselves wildly as if burning from the summer heat   i had long been a flower losing its light

i trust myself

October 2016, At a ‘Healing Retreat’, one of the participants says: “I trust myself” and I burst into tears. Three simple words. I think about them everyday and sometimes like that day, I hurt. I have always had ‘trust issues’. You can’t trust anyone. Its a lesson I am taught through pain and at perhaps…

the good days

let me tell you about the good days   on the good days, it feels as though my skin were tingling my feet dance I catch glimpses of myself in reflections, and I’m smiling I’m happy and love the images reflected back at me.   on the good days, I rejoice in the softness that…